Hania Aamir’s doppelganger Aleyna Ozturk Gulcu pictures

The pictures of Aleyna Ozturk Gulcu, the doppelganger of prolific actor and model Hania Aamir, are going viral on Instagram

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Aleyna Ozturk Gulcu has gained widespread attention for her stark resemblance to the actor. 

Netizens are pointing out the similarities in the features of the two women.

Aleyna Ozturk Gulcu has a widespread following on Instagram. She uses the platform to share pictures of herself and her professional happenings.

On the acting front, Hania Aamir has proved herself one of the most diverse actresses. She has a knack to play a variety of characters without breaking a sweat.

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She has won hearts with her stellar performances in hit serials ‘Mujhay Pyaar Hua Tha‘, ‘Mere Humsafar‘, ‘Visaal‘, ‘Ishqiya‘ and ‘Sang-e-Mah‘.

Earlier, she recalled how and why she entered the showbiz industry in the ARY Digital show ‘The Fourth Umpire‘ hosted by superstar Fahad Mustafa, comedian Faizan Sheikh and former cricketer Azhar Ali.

The ‘Mere Humsafar‘ star said revealed she dropped out of college despite being a good student to become the breadwinner for the family as it meant more to them then.

“I’m a college dropout,” Hania Aamir said. “Even though I was great at academics, I started earning well from acting. The money was more important as I handled my household and was the breadwinner of the family.”

The actor said she is friends with her college mates but they don’t bask in the limelight they get from her.

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